Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zested & Juiced: Clementine Side Dishes

I cannot believe myself. I bought another case! I have a lot of choice letters for this--
omg, wtf'in-a sob, y!

On the upside, dinner tonight had a sweet and delicate added citrus note that complimented these sauteed veggies nicely. Nate refused to eat the snow peas, although I assured him they were peas.

We had potatoes in a sort of hash, with peppers & onions, then I added the juice of a clementine, Worchestershire, soy sauce, cumin & coriander. I let the potatoes steam to make them softer, as my son likes them, and after maybe 8- 10 minutes, I took the lid off to let the juices finish evaporating & toss the potatoes in what was now a glaze. They went over very well; no leftovers. I've been toying with the idea of a frozen treat, but I want to wait until it's a little warmer outside. I have visions of dreamsicles dancing in my head.
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