Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lobster & Ravioli

Lobsters are yummy creatures that crawl around on the bottom of the ocean eating all the dead stuff and whatever gets lost in the rocks. Sure, they're yummy, but they're also high in cholesterol and all that foraging means they aren't especially good for us, so don't go eating lobster everyday, but once in a while, a lobster makes a delicious meal.

I bought two lobsters for dinner from Joe Patti's seafood, where I also got an order of freshly fried beignets.

When we got home, I rinsed the icy couple and put them in a large, low roasting pan. To the pan, I added a full bottle of chardonnay and a whole lemon cut into slices. I also sprinkled in some of my secret blend of salt, spice & dry herbs.

The lid went onto the roasting pan and they went to spend some time on the bottom shelf of the fridge to sip the wine awhile.

In the mean time, I minced some garlic & shallot and added it to a small sauce pan with lots of butter on low heat.

Then I walked away for awhile. I did some laundry, put up some clean dishes, generally only thought about the lobsters becoming drunk.

When they came out of the fridge, I put them into the sink, covered with ice, to rest while I quickly brought the wine up to a boil.

Once it was boiling, in went the crawlers.
On went the lid for about 15 minutes. When I peeked in at them, they were bright red and all finished cooking. At this point, get a big pot of water boiling and add the ravioli. You can use linguine for a wonderful substitution, but in my house Nate picks the starch, and ravioli was his.

Nate oversaw the  removal of all the shells from the cooked lobsters and created a pile of meaty chunks. None of the claws made it though whole, though he certainly did attempt for them to. He even got the thin strips of tender meat from the legs. Once everything was piled up, we chopped it into chunks and added it to the pot of butter & shallot.

The lobster meat had enough time to cool while we were removing the shells, so while the ravioli finished cooking, it was reheated. Finally everything was tossed together and ready for dinner.

While a luxurious meal fit for a king, like I mentioned, lobster should be enjoyed sparingly. While delicious, it isn't especially good for you. For a similar texture, try using monk fish. Its also very mild and sweet with a great chewy texture.

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