Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Double D's & Chestnut

Double D's was squarely on my list of places to try on our last visit to Asheville. We made it up to the gate only to be informed that they only take cash by the guy sitting just outside asking for change.

He must keep a good watch on that spot because he was only a couple feet from where he was a year ago this time. He knows the people going in and out of that gate have some cash.

I was one of them this year. I sauntered into the little bus and was enchanted. It really is an enchanting space. Downstairs is all business, with the aroma of coffee and sugar filling the air.

Tis the season for pumpkin flavored everything, so I got a large pumpkin latte & a small hot chocolate. We looked around and read the signs and whatnot as the girl behind the counter quickly and happily made my coffee, cleaned off the machine, and served me. She was certainly efficient. And she seemed to not only like the job, but also every one that it gave her the opportunity to meet. She was really nice.

Double D's Coffee & Desserts on UrbanspoonWhen the beverages were ready, we wanted to explore upstairs. This is the really enchanting part of the bus, decorated with the prettiest shade of blue, the chandelier echoing the colors of the walls and leaves beyond magically. We grabbed the seat in the very front of the bus, gazing out over the busy street below & enjoying the view for a moment, warming our hands on our hot cups. After trying both drinks, my child determined the coffee was much better. Thankfully, it was still too hot for him to drink much.
As we came down the stairs and exited the bus, we saw my husband make his way across the street. He was headed to the Chestnut.

I only mention this because he bought me the tastiest rum I've ever had in my life. It was so smooth and rich, you could hardly tell you were drinking liquor. I would love to know what it was so that I could try to find it again.

Chestnut on UrbanspoonThe restaurant is beautiful, and if we hadn't just bought drinks at DD we would've gotten an appetizer to share. As it was, we had a walking tour to complete & Chestnut was part of the next riddle, which is what brought him to cross the street so abruptly. 
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