Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kin's Kitchen ~ On the Road Again

The mountains of North Carolina hold a lot of treasures. After visiting two apple farms (I'm really looking for an organic apple farm up here; if you know of one, please comment or message it to me. I'd love that.), we traveled back toward downtown Hendersonville. There were a few places on our list that I wanted to try for lunch, and in the end the consensus was for Kin's Kitchen and Chinese food.

Kin's is nestled in a little unassuming strip mall. They have some tables inside, but most of the people who came in just picked up food and left so we mostly ate alone. The guy at the counter was nice but rushed and got part of our order wrong, but he was quick to fix it.

Kin's Kitchen on UrbanspoonThe interior is decorated in the stereotypical fashion of a Chinese restaurant: There were those moving landscape pictures, intricate birds made of mother of pearl, a parasol, waving cats, and bead curtains.

The food was equally authentic. We ordered four entrees and basically just shared all of them between the five of us. The top photo is the bourbon chicken special, which I got with noodles instead of rice. Their lo mein is really yummy, better than I expected. I was hoping for some veggies, but I only got broccoli. Regardless, the meat was very tender and the sauce was great. I also enjoyed my egg roll, although it was pretty standard.

The shrimp in lobster sauce was just ok to me. It was only 6 shrimp in a sauce that reminded me of really thick egg drop soup. It was smooth and creamy, but the flavor was very mild (I suppose that's how the lobster sauce is supposed to be). The fried rice was really hot and yummy and well seasoned.

The general's tofu was a good dish. I thought the sauce had a good flavor, but the spicier people in my group were disappointed. It had a peppery taste and was spicy with those little peppers, but it wasn't the burning, overpowering feeling my husband wanted. All the better, because everyone was sharing and we all got to enjoy it. The tofu was well cooked, chewy on the outside with a creamy and soft interior. I was also happy that there were so many vegetables on this plate, with green beans, carrot, mushroom, peppers, onion, cabbage, & broccoli.

The chicken & mushrooms was also surprisingly filled with vegetables. This sauce was a touch saltier than I liked, but it was my son's favorite dish. There was white rice with this one and it soaked up a lot of the sauce and made it work better for me. The whole dish was really good, with crunchy green beans and tender carrot, celery, mushrooms and chicken.
Overall, this was an inexpensive lunch, which is what we were hoping for, and there was plenty of food. We tried to force ourselves to finish it, but still ended up throwing a little bit away. Every dish that came out of the kitchen was steaming hot and quick, so we didn't end up wasting any more time. We were already running behind schedule, and we had to get to Sliding Rock so the boys could ride the falls. I was worried that it would be too cold for them, but this stop was quick enough that it wasn't too late in the day for them (something I appreciated). The food is quite honestly only a little better than average, but it's still better than the average Chinese take-out. I'm glad we stopped.

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