Friday, November 14, 2014

Pappy's Breakfast

Breakfast at Pappy's can be summed up with just a few words: simple, ample, well-priced & well worth it.

Pappy's Grill on UrbanspoonWe drove past the airport twice while looking for Pappy's, so don't be put off by the presence of planes. We sat among old southern regulars, groups of 6 & 8 folks with stained plaid and lovely church hats, beside a sunny window where we could watch the little single engine planes landing. The airport was charming.

We were headed to Legoland for the final time and we wanted a lighter meal so that we wouldn't be sleepy, but something that would stick with us for most of the day. We would be doing a lot of walking.

I'm glad I read some reviews, all of which said they give really large portions. That's accurate.

We sat, ordering coffee & juice while we read through the cute names for simple dishes.  The coffee was extra good, and kept steaming hot by the attentive service.

My family ordered with the intent of sharing. We got the Loony, yogurt & granola & fresh fruit, and sausage biscuits with over easy eggs.

There was a ton of yogurt, too much really. But it was tangy and good, a wonderful balance to the crunchy granola and sweet fruit. Our favorite was the banana and we could have done without the thawed blueberries, but overall a good addition to our meal.

The sausage biscuits were phenomenal. They were crazy good! There was a big bright flavor, lots of bits of meat, and the sauce was smoothly creamy. The biscuits themselves were soft and buttery without being doughy. I didn't think we were going to be able to finish this one, but all of us loved it and we ate all of it.

Alongside were two over-easy eggs that were perfectly cooked and Ben & I enjoyed dipping our biscuits into the runny yolk.

The food was prepared quickly and brought out to us piping hot. We were in there for a total of about 40 minutes, some of which included my son & I wondering the airport in search of the bathrooms, which turned into browsing the art gallery they had inside.

A stop that was very much worth it, I would totally recommend Pappy's to anyone who's in the area, whether a traveler like myself or a local.

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